The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]

The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
  • The Dark Verse, Vol. 2: In the Blood of Death [Hardcover]
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Author: M. Amanuensis Sharkchild
Cover Designer and Illustrator: John F. Stifter
Release Date: April 2019
Hardcover: Imitation Leather; 240 pages
Dimensions: 8.6 x 5.7 x 1.2 inches
Publisher: Armored Books; Second Edition
Special: Signed by Author


Twenty-six short stories of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep.

The Dark Verse is a multiverse of Lovecraftian terror, spanning different realms and times that touches upon evils that transcend the knowable. Whether a man whose written letters cast insidious spells, a witch that sends criminals to their deaths based on a game of chance, or a monster that seeks to destroy whoever speaks its name, there is no escape from the occult horrors that await you within the innumerable folios of The Dark Verse.

This is Sharkchild's second collection of grim and ethereal stories and can be enjoyed independently from the other Dark Verse volumes. The cover of the book is imitation leather with foil stamping on the front, back, and spine; there is no dust cover. All three sides of the pages have black dusting. The artwork in its entirety, including a two-page illustration for each story, was created by John F. Stifter.


  1. The Clock’s Many Hands
  2. Playgrounds Never Wondered About
  3. The Fragmented
  4. The Changing Feyth (Part 3)
  5. Mantis, Malevolent
  6. Pathway for the Dead
  7. The Road Show
  8. The Song of Dusty Hearts
  9. A Megacosm’s Secret Initiation of Members
  10. Confronting the Formless
  11. The Deviations
  12. The Taking of Hallowed Creation
  13. Stumbling upon Preterition
  14. The Changing Feyth (Part 4)
  15. Symptoms of the Astral
  16. Thirteen Door Roulette
  17. The Hunt, The Chosen
  18. Names: Apherdane
  19. Names: Chillanthon
  20. The Ilks of Devotion
  21. Nigh Outlasting the Fear of Death
  22. Severing the Lost
  23. The Man of Letters
  24. The Concomitant
  25. No More Resistance
  26. When Eyes Have Seen Too Much



"I rarely rave about a book unless it is outstanding on every front. Books I rant about are written well, are thoroughly original, and are almost flawless in both content and entertainment. I can state, without a doubt, that IN THE BLOOD OF DEATH is one of these very tomes. If you are any kind of fan of horror fiction, this book (and its brothers) are must-haves." -Matthew Scott Baker

"More than once, someone had asked if I was feeling well because my breathing had become labored due to holding my breath for an outcome of one of the stories." -Dane Higbee

"Packed with bizarre and twisted stories that make your brain implode!" -Brenden

"'The Dark Verse, Vol 2: In the Blood of Death' is a masterfully crafted and illustrated book of 26 short stories. Each story flows seamlessly into the next, but all forms of death and destruction are independent of the others. The accompanying illustrations are fantastic and can only be fully appreciated in the beautifully bound hardback book." -HodgePodge Galore


Read the story, The Man of Letters:

The Man of Letters


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Love the book

It’s made super nice even the packaging is good love it

So Happy

I’ve been a fan since I saw his booth at anime expo. With this, I officially have all his printed books autographed! I will cherish forever. This book was really eerie and scary, just the way I like it. Definitely worth the buy!

Excellent quality

Not only are the stories compelling, but the presentation of these books is incredible

Great collection of stories

I love Sharkchild's work. It's ethereal and potent, leaving just enough to the imagination to really form a lasting impression. Since the first Dark Verse book, I've had several of the stores lingering in my mind, begging me to reread them. When I want a short story collection, this series is the first one I turn to.

Great atmosphere

Like most anthologies I enjoyed some stories better than others but I did find that overall this collection has a wonderfully creepy atmosphere. Some of the titles and illustrations were difficult to make out in the ereader version, which made it a bit harder to keep track of which stories I enjoyed.

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